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About Crabtree Auto

After World War II, Crabtree Auto was started as a body shop located in Logan, Utah.  The Crabtree brothers started selling parts off their vehicles and the company evolved into a salvage business.  In 1947, the business moved 50 miles south to Riverdale, Utah, just outside of Ogden.  For various reasons, Dahl Crabtree ended up being the sole owner.

Dahl ran the business for many years until his two sons were old enough to take over.  Miles and Colin Crabtree have taken the salvage business to the next level, modernizing the facilities and winning various awards and recognition for excellence in the industry.   After more than 55 years in business, the third generation is now directing Crabtree Auto into the future.

Our business is the oldest business in our expanding city.  We consider it a compliment that local and national businesses have moved in around us.  We do our best to keep a clean facility.  Our slogan has long been:


We are recognized as one of the Certified Auto Recyclers in the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), and have joined with other high-standard recyclers around the country to form the United Recyclers Group (URG).   As a member of URG we adhere to quality standards set to ensure that recyclers are providing premium recycled parts.

At Crabtree Auto, we provide quality automotive parts by buying damaged, late-model vehicles (generally 10 years old and newer) and selling the undamaged or fixable parts to body shops, mechanical shops, insurance companies, salvage yards, and local customers.  For your convenience, we have pre-dismantled, cleaned, and tested the parts of 1000's of cars and light trucks and placed them on shelves so that they are ready for delivery.

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