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Our committment to the Environment

Cleaning Parts and Recycling Water

Water Recycler.jpg (8557 bytes) Water Recycler.jpg (8557 bytes)

Parts are cleaned by machines designed to do so.   Water used by our steam cleaner is circulated through a closed sump and purifier system.  This saves water and allows us to collect the grease that comes off of our parts.

Freon and Antifreeze

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If freon is still present in a vehicle when we receive it, it is collected using a special machine.

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Used antifreeze is collected, strained, and resold.


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Fuel from wrecked vehicles is siphoned and used in our delivery truck.


Oil Burning Furnace.jpg (5574 bytes)

A special oil burning furnace heats our dismantling building. During the summer, oil is collected. During the winter, our furnace burns it with little resulting pollution.

Vehicles and Tires

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When all of the sellable parts are removed from a vehicle, scrap metal and bad tires remain. The hulk of the vehicle is crushed and recycled. The tires are temporarily stored at our facility until tire recyclers take them away.