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About Crabtree Auto's Facility

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Crabtree Auto has always been committed to being one of the most modern facilities in auto recycling. We have gained a reputation of being clean, organized and a leader in the industry. The showroom is an essential part of this image where customers are quickly greeted and helped by a competent sales staff who have access to millions of parts through a computerized inventory system.

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Those parts that are not stored in our 25,000-sq. ft. warehouse system are stored in covered racks and shelves. These racks offer protection from the elements and ensure damage free storage. This allows us to sell customers quality parts that exceed the standards of the automotive recycling industry.

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Organization and accessibility allows Crabtree Auto to service your needs quickly. Our late model, low mileage buying strategy makes our inventory one of the best when it comes to finding quality parts.

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At Crabtree Auto, we not only care about finding you the right part, we also take extreme care in protecting the environment from the hazardous by-products of our industry. Appropriate oil and scrap disposal as well as proper cleaning and drainage systems are just a few ways we stay clean and organized.