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Shipping and Delivery

Because of Crabtree Auto's unique location on the outskirts of Ogden, we can deliver parts to you using a variety of methods. If your shop is located near our facility we deliver parts to you free of charge. For locations farther away, we use several major shipping companies on a daily basis. Being centrally located in the West, our shipping schedules are competitive and timely.

Local Delivery

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  • Free delivery for local shops
  • Servicing Weber and North Davis County
  • Morning and afternoon routes to get your parts to you faster

Shipping and Tracking

  • We use freight companies including Fed Ex, Express Courier, North Park Transportation, USF Reddaway, and UPS. Additionally, we use several local courier services.
  • We ship parts on a daily basis.
  • We give prepurchase shipping estimates for your parts upon request.

To track a package or learn more about a freight company, go to its home page by clicking on the appropriate icon.

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