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Return and Exchange Policy

At Crabtree Auto we are proud of our warranty program. Our program offers peace of mind to our customers. We are committed to ensure that the parts you receive are quality items. These parts are tested and inspected before delivery.

If one of our parts does not fulfill our promise of quality, each part we sell comes with the a standard 30 day warranty. In addition to the standard warranty, you may choose from several extended warranty options.

Depending on your needs, we have warranties of varying lengths that will cover the one-time replacement of parts or parts and labor. Ask a salesperson for details on your next call.

A warranty better than a new-part warranty?

Do other guys offer...
  • a standard 30 day guarantee
  • four other options, including
  • a 1 year parts and labor guarantee?

Buying Right to Sell with Confidence

At Crabtrees, we buy late model (typically 10 years old and newer) and low mileage vehicles so that we know we are selling premium recycled parts. As a member of several recycling associations, we take pride in having high standards. We feel good that we can warranty our parts for the entire life of your vehicle.

Standard 30 Day Warranty

Our standard warranty is a 30-day warranty from the date of invoice. It guarantees that the part we sell is void of defects and that it fits the year, make, and model that the customer requested. is limited to the original price of the part and has no labor or shipping protection guarantee.

Optional Warranties

  • Six Month Parts
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor
  • Lifetime Parts and Labor

-Full terms of warranty are available from our sales staff upon request.

-Warranties are guaranteed to the original purchaser, for the original installation.

-Claims must be accompanied with the original invoice.